Organic Farm & Training centre

Herb Nepal is a social, creative and innovative organic farm and training centre based in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

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Award Winning Farmer Training Program

The farmer-designed training program has been created by farmers and Herb Nepal, an award winning organic herb farm and training centre based in Bhaktapur, Nepal. The program works with Nepalese farmers to bring organic, sustainable land-use and herbal processing back to poor rural communities. This results in beautifully handmade products, made in Nepal that bring essential benefits to farming communities and local ecosystems.

Permaculture & Organic Farming

Herb Nepal is committed to organic farming methods using Permaculture principles; which is a way of working with nature and not against it, resulting in a more sustainable environment and using fewer resources. It is guided by the ethics of earth‐care, people‐care and fair‐share. These ethics reflect equally the guiding values of Herb Nepal.

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Farm Stays

Experience our rammed earth farm stays! Natural and sustainable buildings, beautifully created. Relax, eat organic and unwind in a rural farming environment only 1 hour from Kathmandu.

Herbal Products

Herb Nepal promotes, trains and supports Nepali farmers to cultivate high value organic herbal crops in a sustainable way. With these herbs we produce and offer a range of Natural Herbal Products.

Training Centre

Herb Nepal offers training in organic farming techniques and permaculture. From short workshops to full training programs. We also offer internships and volunteering positions.


Herb Nepal provides a platform to train and support Nepali farmers; providing environmental, economic and health benefits. You can be part of this, so get in touch if you want to support our activities.

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Koseli in Nepali means ‘gift’. This is exactly what these products are, gifts from farmers across Nepal. These products have been made using organic herbs that have been grown, cultivated and processed by small-scale farmers in Nepal. The farmers are trained in organic, sustainable land-use and herbal processing.

Our products directly support the continuation of our innovative farmer training program. It enables our farm to do more, to reach more farmers and to maximise our impact.

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Farm Stays Nepal

The Farm Stays promise you a unique, relaxing and rejuvenating village learning experience. They bring you closer to nature and wildlife while staying in a peaceful rural farming community. The Herb Nepal team is eager to create a family space that allows children to play and parents to relax.

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The design of Herb Nepal, Koseli (our herbal products), and our farmer training program have always revolved around the idea that it is locally rooted and community based. So, the farm stays have been designed using the same principle.

The Farm Stays are built sustainable and are state-of-the-art with the use of the natural building technique, Rammed Earth. Built to be safe, durable and earthquake resilliant by Rammed Earth Solutions. This creates a healthy and beautiful living environment. On the farm we make use of passive solar energy and water is taken directly from it source and naturally filtered to make it safe to drink.

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